Walking a Fine Line.

I am not a professional writer. I write this blog mainly for me, and on a normal day, I get upwards of twenty or so viewers to this website, and half of those are usually family. On the rare occasion, this blog will have a crazy spike of traffic from somewhere around the world, but mainly, it's just me. I write this blog to document my professional journey and experiences as a designer; I'm using the term "web log" as literally as you can possibly use it. 

Because of that, I don't often think about how my stories affect the co-stars in my little adventures. I'll often tell anecdotes of things that happen and the people they happen with, and with the exception of children, I always use the names of the people I interact with, because they're an integral part of my story. Without them, these adventures wouldn't be the same. 

I never intend to cause harm to anyone, but sometimes, I inadvertently do. This week, I published a post about my most recent Startup Weekend experience, and in telling about some of the frustrations of the weekend, I mentioned some people by name, and it hurt them. That was not my intention, and I apologize. The feelings I had were real, and honest, but in hindsight, I could have gotten the point across without being so incendiary. I stand by the content, but I didn't need to name names, and for that, I apologize to those affected, and I have edited the story appropriately.

On Monday, I wrote, " I learned that [...] you have to dance a fine line between being too open to feedback that there's no direction, and being so married to an idea that you don't take any feedback." This week, I learned that there is a fine line between being critical but fair, and being an asshole. Unfortunately, this week, I leaned too far toward the latter. 

My apologies.