Check out my new Horrible Logo!

So  late last week, thanks to a timely tweet, I discovered Horrible Logos. A single guy designing logos for beer money, with no guarantee of quality-in fact, he guarantees it will be lousy. At first, I rolled my eyes at the idea-after all, once PayPal gets finished with him, he’ll barely have enough for a bottled water, let alone a beer. Plus, there’s inevitably going to be people/companies/cheap folk who will take the guy seriously, and then use that logo for their brand. On the other hand, it’s five bucks. 

So I ordered one. 

My first thought? Well, it’s definitely horrible. Also, it doesn’t quite look like a *black* guy. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be me, though the bald head would probably suggest that it might be, though I haven’t had a beard in years. 

It’s an interesting exercise, to be sure. If he spends no more than five minutes per logo, that works out to a not-too-shabby $60/hour. More importantly, it really speaks to his ability to generate dozens of different ideas quickly. I know I’m not the only person who will find himself getting bogged down in the details when I’m brainstorming, when I really should be just filling up sheets up paper with ideas. By limiting himself to one logo, it forces him to put an idea down, and keep moving. No editing, no fine tuning. It’s a lesson that I’m definitely going to take to my work in the future. 

So yeah, the logo sucks, but its ability to suck is what makes it quite awesome. 

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