Customer Disservice

Yesterday, while I was working, I noticed a sudden increase in swarthy, shirtless men in my Twitter feed. That could only mean Lawson Clarke (@malecopywriter) was up to something. Turns out, he had received an offer to refinance his house, and wanted to give his current mortgage holder, US Bank (@USBank), a chance to match it. Shenanigans ensued. I won’t post all of them here, because most of them aren’t suitable for work, but the key takeaway is this: after a constant stream of tweets, retweets, and other conversations about US Bank, using a US Bank hashtag, and US Bank’s actual Twitter handle, he posted this to end his evening. 

Later that evening, I realized that I had missed the deadline to return my Redbox movies, and so I’d eat another rental day. This doesn’t usually bother me, except the two movies we rented were so bad, that I just hated the idea of paying for another day. So, I tossed this up on Twitter…

…and didn’t think much about it. To my surprise, not five minutes later, I had this message pop up:

Now THAT is a company that gets customer service. This morning, I dropped off my DVDs on the way to the gym, and received an email that the credit had gone through.

Good show, Redbox!

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