Friday Inspiration: Finding Motivation

You know, it’s been a good week. And I haven’t had one of those in a while. I’ve gotten pretty busy with work, my Creature class finished up, and I have a pretty good jump on new spec work from my book. If we could only shake off this permanent Juneuary weather, I’d almost have nothing to complain about! Well, except for the Ohio State mess. 

I wanted to share a couple of links I found this week that I’ve found very inspiring. I think I might clear a space on my wall to hang up some of this stuff. First up:

Seven Things Designers Can Learn From Stand-Up Comics


A brilliant piece from The Design Observer Group’s Michael Bierut about lessons he picked up watching the recent HBO special, “Talkin’ Funny”. This is something I’ll have to track down, because it sounds wildly interesting-not to mention hilarious-but his insight in making the connection between the technical aspects of comedy and the technical aspects of design blew my mind. You can check out the link for the details, but here are the lessons: 1. It’s all about the basics. 2. Once you’ve mastered the basics, make your work your own. 3. Respect your audience. 4. Know your tools. 5. Honor your craft.  6. Don’t be afraid of failure. 7. Finally, never forget you have a special gift. 29 Ways to Stay Creative 29ways

Whoever wrote this should really trim it down to ten and call it the Designer’s Ten Commandments. They’re that good. What’s particularly great about this isn’t that there isn’t anything here groundbreaking; in fact, they’re good rules for anyone looking to improve themselves in general. I might make this a regular thing; I find these links often, and they sit in my Safari tabs until I inadvertently close a window and forget about it. This way, I can save them, and hopefully someone else reads this and is similarly inspired.  Till next time…

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