Hitting the Pause button

To my dear eight regular readers,

I know I’m overdue on my class recap, and I never quite got to my diversity rant, but things have been very busy for me on the work end. And for those of you who know me, and know what the last few months have been like, busy is a very welcome change. And creatively, I’m going to be going from 0 to 60 really quick. 

On the professional side, I am starting to make the move from casual freelancer to full-fledged design business. I’m picking up new clients almost weekly, and I’m beginning to build a very solid foundation for the next year. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to share my new business with you.

This doesn’t mean I’m ditching the blog. On the contrary-advertising is still my passion, and I still have a goal for getting into that wonderful world. I have a bunch of content in the pipeline, and as my SmackDown Internship class heats up, there will be tons of stories to share there. And I’m planning a whole new look for this website, as I transition the site into more of an advertising portfolio site. You’ll start to see some of these things over the next few weeks. 

This is more of a hiatus until I can get a workflow going that allows me time to write while meeting my mounting deadlines, while not driving my wife insane.

In the meantime, but sure to follow me on Twitter (@dwightthemayor), and on Facebook (facebook.com/dwightthemayor). If you’ve been enjoying these writings, let me know! If not, well, keep it to yourself, because I’m going to pretend you all love me anyway.

See you guys very soon!

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