Absolutely brilliant. Sums up quite nicely the frustrations I’ve been feeling over the last few months about my career.


Design is a soft science, if that. Probably so soft it’s squishy. And the times that I get closest to thinking about quitting are the times that my disenchantment with becoming a tool are met with the realization that most of the work I’m producing doesn’t have much thick value. Not all design work is like that, of course, but not all of us can be a Superman. The times I want to walk away are the moments where I put the large amounts of head- and heartache on the scale with the slim value I feel I’m sometimes providing and realize I usually come out losing. These are the times that going back and learning about financial advising looks good. I can understand that doing that sort of work is always valuable. People need plans. I’m good at that. “Just need to learn the rules,” I tell myself. But then, ultimately, I imagine myself under-stimulated and bored.

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