I had always heard about Startup Weekend, but had always psyched myself out of actually attending an event.

Oh, they probably don’t really need designers…

Oh, I’m not a good enough designer…

Oh, but I don’t have time…

There was always something holding me back.

Fellow designers, you aren’t the only ones who struggle with self-doubt. We all do. Jump in. 

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
-Wayne Gretzky”

-Michael Scott 

[via:Swoonworthy: Startup Weekend (also known as, I’m back!)]

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Dwight Battle is an award-winning independent art director specializing in mobile and digital design, branding, and creative direction. Dwight has been an art director and designer for over twelve years, and have worked with a variety of clients in a variety of stages of growth, from Fortune 500 companies to small family businesses, and from established companies to early-stage startups.