The Final Countdown

Back in my University of Dayton days, I once spent 32 straight hours in an art studio working on my final piece for the semester. Not only was I  a horrible procrastinator, but in my eternal quest to make my life more difficult than it needs to be, I scrapped the idea I had been working on for the previous two weeks, and started over from scratch three days before the final was due. I slept in paint, bought and killed every single AA battery in the Dayton metropolitan area, and drank so much coffee that I reeked of it for days afterward. After dragging my carcass back to my room, I got two hours of glorious sleep before heading to my final critique. 

I got an A. That was the high point of my short-lived UD career, as finances forced me back home. But that piece still proudly hangs in my parents living room, loving dubbed that “$20,000 piece of artwork”. 

Ah, finals.

I would like to say that I have a similar story as I prep for my final class at SmackDown tonight, but in the years since, I’ve managed my time slightly better. I still procrastinate, but it’s a kind of organized procrastination; the kind that gives me just enough pressure to freak out over it all, then sit down and cram out great work. But no more all-nighters. I’m old. 

Recap coming tomorrow…

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