Upcoming Projects.

NOTE: I’m trying to blog 50,000 words in the next 30 days, in honor of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I’m way behind schedule, but I’m going to keep at it, nonetheless. I don’t like writing novels, but I like writing about me, so I’m calling it my personal NaNoWriBlog.

I’m all over the place lately. Now that my Windows Phone project is in cruise control for the next few weeks, I’ve got some time to catch up on some things that have been sitting on the back burner. It’s funny how people look at me when I describe what I do for a living, as if I’m some sort of Real Househusband of West Seattle, or something. Although, admit it-you would totally watch that show. 

This is how I know Seattle knows nothing about college football: Melissa and I went to Fox Sports Grill Saturday morning, and they had the Ohio State/Indiana and Michigan/Iowa games on TVs next to each other. We wound up sitting next to this couple visiting from Detroit, and despite the fact they were rooting for Michigan, we had a lovely conversation. It turns out, she was in town for a conference, and she needed a website designed. I gave her my contact info, and hopefully she’ll get in touch. And if her website colors happen to wind up scarlet and gray, it will be a coincidence. Really.

Later in the day, prior to my Tumblr blowing up on me, I started sketching mockups for my portfolio/business website. I need to find some developer wizardry to help me with that, so if any of you know anybody, hit me up. On the advice of my good friend Amanda, I split my Facebook presence into two: my personal Facebook, and my new Black Art Director Facebook page. I also realized that I still needed to explain what it is I actually do in real-world concepts, instead of the abstract like I’ve been doing here on the blog. So I’ll be working on that this week.

I also added a Flickr account to my site, where I’ll be adding clips of projects that are in progress. Kinda like Dribbble, but they’re stubborn about giving out invites, so I’m going to call it Gym Practice, and my clips will be called Free Throws. I mean, why should Dribbble get to hog all of the basketball metaphors? Link to that will be coming later once I get it populated with some stuff. 

This week, I’m also working on putting the final touches on finishing up the branding for Crucible Wines, the new winery coming from my friend Darryn O’Shea. Formerly of O’Shea Scarborough Winery, his wine is awesome, and he has a lot of awesome ideas for making his new winery stand out, so I’m excited to get the website up and running in the next couple of weeks. 

I’m also still working on my Where Are All the Black People project. I reached out to all of my local advertising contacts, and the response was less enthusiastic than I hoped. So I’m going to reach out to the One Club and Marcus Graham Project for their help, and I’m going to make this happen. It’s too important to just let it go. If you’d like to help out, or know someone who could help out, please shoot me an email at blackartdirector@gmail.com.

Tonight, I’m working with a local film production company to help them pull together their branding, and help them put together some business cards while they continue to grow their business. This Friday night, I’ll be sitting in on my very first film shoot, as the group puts the finishing touches on a film they’ve been producing for the last few months. 

There’s a lot coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks-including some case studies I’ve been meaning to write, and some award competition deadlines I need to keep an eye on. Stay tuned.

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