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User Interface Design

It’s a Windows 10 device, but obviously strays far from your typical desktop or tablet experience.
— The Verge

The Project

Microsoft recently announced the second generation of their Perceptive Pixel hardware, titled Surface Hub, designed for team collaborations and creative working sessions. The Surface Hub experience is centered around large screen experiences emphasize collaboration and making an impact as a public installation in lobbies, conference rooms, and visitor centers.  

The core apps revolve around whiteboarding, videoconferencing, and wireless projection on large touchscreens ranging in size from 55" to 82".

As a solo senior designer on the project, I was responsible for the creative direction of the project, exploring different concepts and explorations for the platform. In addition, I led the design direction on the Wireless Production app, creating a seamless experience in sharing screens to the Surface Hub.

Wireless Projection utility

Users are able to share their Windows desktop to the Surface Hub device both wired and wirelessly, as well as control their desktop from the Hub. Mac users can share their screen using an HDMI cable.


Initial user flow sketches for connecting a laptop to the Surface Hub.


User flow for connecting to Surface Hub device. (click to enlarge)

User flow for connecting to Surface Hub device. (click to enlarge)



Windows Taskbar/Start Menu Explorations